October 21, 2010

Warhammer Online: Love it? Hate it?

So, I've been in this discussion over the course of the week with a Blogger I follow pretty often. He and I have had a few heated words, but I don't consider it anything serious. I've stated my opinion just as he has. Well, the focus of the discussion has been Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. A game I am currently in love with, actually. I try not to fanboy it up or anything. I really just enjoy the game. It's moved forward a fair enough amount since release. The new, upcoming changes promise more as well. Things I won't necessarily go into right now. Maybe for another post later.

I was just wondering, guys. What are your thoughts on the game? I'm sure we'll come to a vast array of opinions. Some will love it. Some will hate it. It tends to be one or the other. Let's try and keep it civil, but I would love to hear some thoughts. Maybe the reasoning behind the love/hate. I've found it to be one of the better PvP experiences available right now. That's my biggest draw. So guys, thoughts?


  1. You can mention me by name! ;)

    I do not really consider our words "heated" as much as I do serious. We both have strong views on the subject. I don't think you're a fanboy either.

    Good luck with your blog. I'm always glad to see new ones contributing to and creating discussions.

  2. By heated, I think I meant passionate. That's truly all they were. Also, I didn't want to just put names out there. I know the drama it can cause if just one person takes it the wrong way.

    Also, thanks for the wish of luck. Your blog has gotten a lot of things spinning in my head, because I truly do enjoy it. It's actually what caused me to get this little blog started today.

  3. WAR is a love/hate realationship for me.

    I love it cos its Warhammer.
    I love it cos Mythic did a pretty good job at portraying the Warhammer universe graphically.
    I love it cos it's a RvR centric game.

    I hate it because even after 2 years, the game still is a buggy dung on the technical level.
    I hate it cos in endgame RvR, AoE trumps choosing the most important single target and killing it.
    I hate it cos they made even Melee DPS classes AoE spamming turd classes.
    I hate it cos even though it was marketed as not being it, it's still a game where gear matters as much or even more than skill.

    I wanted to love WAR SO badly, and I still have a faint hope that it'll become worth paying a monthly fee for, but in it's current state it's a real nobrainer to pass on for me.

  4. Ohh btw, gz and gl on your blog, have subscribed to it in Google Reader. :)

  5. Yeah, I can definitely agree with those reasons. AoE regins supreme right now, and if you don't have good ranged players to counter it can decimate you. I've recently started playing a Squig Herder for that purpose. He started out as a farming Alt, and he still won't be my main, but I'll definitely be using him when I want to stop some Bright Wizards.

    Also, thanks. The layout and whatnot still isn't quite there because I'm looking into some better templates.