October 24, 2010

This Weeks Events: Oct. 18 - Oct. 24

Blizzcon Ends: So, Blizzcon wrapped up last night. It was as expected, no more announcements. So, all-in-all it was pretty uneventful. Some major events went down. Starcraft II finals ended with the victor (NexGenius) walking away with 25,000 dollars. The WoW 3v3 Grand Finals ended with Complexity.Red walking away with 75,000 dollars. Both sets of players performed marvelously. Congratulations to all of you. I still feel Blizzard could have offered a bit more at their convention this year, but what can you do? Maybe they'll give us something with spending that 40 bucks next year. (Don't you feel a little cheated for spending that money?)

Forsaken World Beta Invites Go Out: So, an upcoming game, Forsaken World (A game by Perfect World Entertainment) sent out CBT 1 invites this week. A lot of controversy surrounded them during this time. Talks of conspiracies keeping players out of the test. Lots of hate on the forums from players who have been following this game for months. All-in-all, they handled this pretty bad. A rumor spread out that a single guild was guaranteed access to this early CB phase by an employee at Perfect World Entertainment.

This caused an uproar among players. Especially given that the guild granted access was a European guild for the North American phase of testing. Some photos went out to support these claims, but PWE has since denied such involvement. Going so far as to remove most posts pertaining to this debacle.

My Wrap-Up On Company Of Heroes Online: So, the end of the week has arrived. I've enjoyed my time in the game and will continue to play. The mechanics are very intriguing to me. I'm loving how the micro/macro works in this game. Who knows, it may even get me into RTS games. Being a long time FPS/MMORPG player I'm not entirely certain that will be the case, though. Overall, I'd give the game a solid rating. I highly recommend it to anyone into the RTS genre of games. It could use a little more balancing, but it's a sold game nonetheless.


The weeks events have been pretty slow, but I'm looking forward to the week ahead. You can expect a few more games out of me this coming week. I'll probably be looking back into Runes of Magic and Allods Online. To at least see how far the games have come. I'll also be bringing you a small review on Fallout: New Vegas, so look forward to that. The weeks events are going to be a little chaotic, but I hope you guys continue to head on back and check out my thoughts. Until tomorrow, and the start of my week, peace.

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