November 03, 2010

Reaver Starting Zone Revealed!

Perfect World Entertainment released information about the Reaver starting zone today. The Reavers are one of the races being introduced in PWE's upcoming MMORPG, Legend of Martial Arts. Reavers are characterized by chiseled features and long, pointy ears. Facial features hold animal traits. Which shouldn't be too surprising. The Reavers have a set of Transformations that allow them to shift into various animal forms. Their homeland is classified by awe-inspiring cliffs and lush forests.

Screenshots were released today along with the announcement. I must say, it looks promising.

"The Reaver starting zone is a breathtaking landscape of immense scope. Cliffs rise to dizzying heights, and small, unthreatening creatures dot the terrain. This is only half the picture, though, as you will find the moment you step through the mouth of a great cave that grants entrance into the massive dome that your character will call home, at least for the time being…" 

As you can see, this isn't like most games you're used to seeing from PWE. The graphical style is completely different. More reminiscent of World of Warcraft and Runes of Magic. A refreshing feel on games we've seen from them lately. I have high hopes for this game so far. It looks to offer quite a bit. Especially for those of us into the brighter, light-hearted feel of this art style. Keep up with this blog to get all of the latest on PWE's releases. Hopefully, later into the week, I'll be able to offer you a hands-on look at Forsaken World. Until then, peace.

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